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Interview Radio TORONTO, 13.3.99

10 Questions about the New Medicine

Question 1: Dr Hamer, how did you discover the New Medicine?

Dr Hamer: On 18 August 1978, my son Dirk was fatally wounded in his sleep by two bullets fired by the Prince of Savoy. After his death on 7 December 1978 I fell sick with cancer of the testicle. Against the advice of the professors in Tübingen, Germany, I underwent surgery on the testicle but I refused chemotherapy and radiation treatment. My chances of survival were rated at 25%. From that moment on, I began to think deeply about the phenomenon of cancer.

Three years later, as Senior Physician in a Cancer Institute attached to the University of Munich, I had the opportunity of carrying out a systematic examination of 200 patients and I found that all of them had been taken ill after an acute conflict shock. I named this acute conflict shock the "Dirk Hamer Syndrome" or "DHS" after my dead son, Dirk.

Question 2: Dr Hamer, the so-called "New Medicine" has recently been officially verified by the State Slovakian University of Trnava and scientifically recognised. How is it possible to verify something in medicine?

Dr Hamer: Up until 1981 there existed only the so-called "scholastic" medicine with its 5000 hypotheses. Our text books were full of unproven hypotheses and dogmas. There were no causal explanations in medicine. Nevertheless, we all pretended that everything was correct. But apart from measurable facts, everything was pure nonsense. And nobody seriously denies that. I know what I'm talking about, because I was a doctor specialising in internal diseases for more than 10 years in various university clinics.

Since 1981, for the first time ever, there exists a medicine which is reproducible in the strict scientific sense, based so far on 5 biological natural laws, and which applies to any case of sickness. And these laws can be verified with astronomical probability on any day or even in half a day, as they are not just hypotheses.

Question 3: How does the New Medicine differ from scholastic medicine as we know it?

Dr Hamer: The so-called "scholastic" medicine we have known up to now "believed", argued and applied its pseudotherapy in a philosophical way, or to be more precise, like the Old Testament. It distinguished between "benign" and "malignant", pinpointed errors, breakdowns and inadequacies of what was considered to be "stupid" nature, which it was down to the doctor to put right.

People imagined malignant microbes and cancer cells fighting our organism and trying to destroy it. It was thought that our organism then mobilised its "defence forces" with the immune system, T-lymphocytes etc., like an army fighting another army. That's all a load of nonsense, nothing but medical fairy tales!

The New Medicine, on the other hand, has discovered that there is no such thing as a "disease" as it has been understood to exist so far, but that instead the symptoms we have been calling a "disease" are a two-phase "sound biological special programme" of nature. What we refer to as a "disease" is just one phase.

And we have therefore not only been taking a wrong view of all these so-called "diseases" but we have not been able to treat the cause of a single one of them correctly. I'm not denying that we found out correct ways of examining facts, such as blood pictures, laboratory parameters or CT tests, but the conclusions we drew and the therapies we prescribed were completely wrong. Accordingly, the therapy mortality rate for cancer, for instance, was 95% after 5 years.

With the New Medicine, the situation is the complete opposite: the survival rate is 95%!

Question 4: What are these sound biological special programmes of nature?

Dr Hamer: In our former symptomatic medicine - known as school medicine - we considered such things as inflammation symptoms, fever, and bacteria as belonging together. Then we assumed that bacteria were the cause of these symptoms, although 98% of all other people who had the same bacteria in their bodies didn't present any symptoms such as inflammation and fever. If the patients presented cold symptoms - that is, cold hands and feet, loss of appetite and sleeplessness as in angina pectoris, stomach ulcers, cancer, motor paralysis or neurodermatitis, we ascribed them to genetic causes, stress, bacteria or the auto-immune system. In other words, no-one knew anything for sure.

We believed that we knew about 1,000 "diseases" in this way, approximately 500 hot or warm ones, and the same number of cold ones. These were described in our textbooks and we had to learn them off by heart in order to pass our final exams.

In fact, however, there are only about 500 sound biological special programmes. All begin with a DHS, a biological shock experience that catches us unawares in a biological conflict (for example, starvation conflict, refugee conflict, water conflict etc.)

In the first phase - which we call permanent sympathicotonia - we have cold hands, cold periphery, sleeplessness, and loss of weight as long as the conflict is active.

After the conflict has been resolved, which is what happens in most cases in nature, the conflict resolution phase or healing phase or permanent vagatonia sets in until the consequences of the conflict-active phase have been remedied or until the organism is healthy again and has returned to its normal rhythm.

This two-phase character of the sound biological special programme during the resolution of a conflict can be observed equally and simultaneously at all three levels (psyche, brain, and organ). These things are purely biological, and have nothing to do with philosophy or religion. If you understand these things and their relationships, and if you instinctively or consciously apply them (as animals do) you have a 95% chance of survival. It's as simple as that!

Question 5: What is the cause of these enormous differences?

Dr Hamer: They are mainly due to the patient panicking when "cancer" is diagnosed, and especially if the prognosis is pessimistic - because of the enormous ignorance of our physicians. We have known for a long time that animals in the wild, for instance, have a cancer survival rate of 80 to 90% if they are able to resolve their biological conflict, which they usually manage to do through their correct instinctive behaviour. In their case, there is no panic due to diagnosis and prognosis.

Question 6: Does the New Medicine only apply to cancer?

Dr Hamer: No, it applies - or rather, the 5 biological principles apply - to humans, animals and plants, even to amoebas. And it applies equally to the whole of medicine.

Question 7: How can the New medicine be applied?

Dr Hamer: The New Medicine is, as I have already said, a science like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It demands accurate diagnostic work, far more than heretofore in the symptomatic medicine which has now been shown to be wrong. The New Medicine is always applied at 3 levels:
Psyche - Brain - Organs

These three levels are always affected synchronously.

The brain CT must show the specialist the same results - at least at the moment of recording - as the organ CTs or laboratory parameters, or the patient's account of the medical history of the conflict.

That is our diagnostic opportunity. That requires
- 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration
- common sense
- charisma

A doctor working with the New Medicine must also know all the organic areas of the entire organism, not just a small part as do the "Specialists". He must be able to evaluate the brain CTs accurately, and he must also be a wise person who can accept the conflicts as confessed by his patient, understand them, and know how to categorise them diagnostically.

In addition, he has to be a good comrade and partner while he is applying the therapy for the conflicts, and at the same time a practical person with a wide experience of life and plenty of common sense. He doesn't only have to empathise with people of all ages and from all walks of life, and understand them, he also has to be able to find the real way out of the conflict together with the patient. Above all, the patient is absolutely "in charge of the process" and every physician practising the New Medicine accepts that and acts accordingly.

Question 8: How do you apply your therapy in the New Medicine?

Dr Hamer: Since it is the patient who is "in charge of the process", you can't just apply a therapy without taking the "person in charge" into consideration. The "patient in charge" must understand the sequence of events in his own process, otherwise he isn't in charge any more. We try to provide good, competent specialist and humane support and advice so that together we can find the optimal solution to his biological conflict.

In this he must be able to rely on us to be medically competent enough during the actual "running" of his sound biological special programme, that the chances of his survival are optimal, as if we were treating our own mother, our own child or our own brother or sister.

That means that we have to be clinically perfect without getting bogged down in the clinical nonsense that hampers scholastic medicine.

Question 9: Do such good physicians actually exist?

Dr Hamer: The doctors involved in the New Medicine are motivated by the dignity of their patients and their respect for their patients, and the integrity of their high office.

I am almost ashamed to say it, here in North America where capitalism reigns: but there isn't a lot of money to be earned with the New Medicine as there is with scholastic medicine. On the other hand, the New Medicine - or, as the Spanish call it, "la medecina sagrada", "holy medicine" - is an extremely rewarding profession in human terms, because the therapist becomes the patient's best friend and confidant after only a very short time.

We consider it inhuman to demand money from a patient who is sick and in need, and unworthy of the high vocation of a physician.

Question 10: Dr Hamer, you have been persecuted for 21 years, since 1978, because you refused to give up the attempt to bring the murderer of your son Dirk to trial at least during the first 3 years.

And for 18 years - since your discovery of the New Medicine - this persecution has been remorseless: there have been articles attacking you in the media, you have been struck off the medical roll, you have been to prison and so on

Dr Hamer: That's true. It's like a witch hunt, the persecution of a heretic in the darkest Middle Ages. All the time I'm being asked to "renounce" and say that I've been mistaken. These have been 21 years of horror, because the authorities, the courts, the pharmaceutical industry, medical professors, the media - they have all made my life hell.

But what is much worse is that millions of people have died in the meantime, unnecessarily - if only it had been possible to check and verify the New Medicine properly 18 years ago.

However, after the highly official 27th verification by the State University of Trnava in Slovakia, it has been definitively proven that the New Medicine is, and always has been, right.

The great problem now is to make sure that our patients are able to receive treatment by this wonderful medicine and to raise the survival rate to 95%.

I hope to find honest, upright citizens here in Canada who will, for the sake of the patients, help to put an end to this most horrible and vile scourge in the history of humankind.

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