New Medicine Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer   Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer
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1. What is this all about? Brief introduction (see on the right)
2. The Five Biological Laws of New Medicine (brief version)
3. Confirmation of New Medicine by the University of Trnava 
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Hamerīs newest book, unfortunately not available in English

Vermächtnis einer Neuen Medizin - Excerpts (in German)

Dr. Hamer:
Born 1935. Worked as a doctor (MD), partly with his own practice together with his wife Dr. Sigrid Hamer, partly in university clinics, for 25 years. Then, in 1986, he lost his approbation, because he insisted on the correctness of the New Medicine. He had discovered four biological laws since 1979. In 1978 his son Dirk had been killed and Dr. Hamer developed testicular cancer afterwards - he suspected there could be a link, and after examining hundreds of patients this theory turned out to be correct The past 20 years he has been fighting against sheer ignorance of doctors, authorities and the media.
What is this all about?
"So this Dr. Hamer says that diseases are caused by the psyche? But thatīs not new!" Thatīs the way some people react when they hear about New Medicine. Are they right? True enough, according to the New Medicine every disease (aside from poisoning etc.) starts with a DHS which is a shock. And which is psychical. Thus the statement above is not quite wrong, but at least very misleading: When we hear about psychical causes we think of psychical strains that in time might weaken the immune system, eventually leading to disease. But what Dr. Hamer discovered is very different: Itīs a biological law (The Iron Law of Cancer), and it takes place on three biological levels, the psyche, the brain and the organ (body). Right after such a conflict shock the "program" disease starts on these three parallel levels: the psyche is "shattered" (the thoughts revolve around the conflict), practically at the same time cerebral changes take place (Hamerscher Herd!) which can be displayed (!) by a CT of the brain, and at the same time also the tumor (for example) starts growing! And all that is not a failure of mother nature but a biological program that is useful and logical (on a biological level). Cancer is not a killer, but an archaic concept which helped individuals in ancient times to survive! Even today most patients donīt die of cancer but of the ignorance of modern medicine. Please check out the links on the left with an open mind!

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